About HICJ


          The U.C. Hastings Institute for Criminal Justice is dedicated to promoting the fair, effective, and ethical administration of criminal justice.  An umbrella entity for criminal justice engagement by the UC Hastings community, the Institute pursues these goals through rigorous and engaged scholarship, high-quality pedagogy and educational programs, legal representation, and community outreach. 

          Consistent with the public service ideals of the University, the Institute will place particular emphasis on serving the needs of the local community, with an eye towards reform of the criminal justice system on a statewide and national basis.   

          ABOUT US 

          The Institute draws upon a breadth of expertise within UC Hastings, including a diverse criminal law faculty, and experts from affiliated research centers.

          Institute Directors

           The institute is led by members of the UC Hastings faculty with diverse experience in state and federal criminal justice. 

          - Hadar Aviram
          - George Bisharat
          - Kate Bloch
          - Eumi Lee
          - Evan Lee
          - Rory Little
          - Aaron Rappaport

          Associate Faculty

          Other members of the UC Hastings faculty serve as associates of the Institute and provide support in their special areas of expertise.

          John Diamond
          David Faigman
          - Peter Keane
          Michael Salerno

          Affiliated Projects & Centers

          The Institute has developed relationships with several other Centers and Projects within UC Hastings in areas of overlapping interest.  Several notable examples are listed below:

          -- Center for State and Local Government Law
          -- the Privacy & Technology Project
          -- UCSF/UC Hastings Consortium on Law, Science & Health Policy
          -- Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
          -- Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

          Student Groups and Organizations

          The Institute frequently collaborates with student groups and organizations interested in criminal justice and public interest work, such as:

          -- Hastings Criminal Law Society
          --Hastings Public Interest Law Foundation
          --Hastings Prisoner Outreach
          --Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal